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Dana Boyd, Licensed Body Mapping Educator

I'm an oboist and educator based in Montréal, Quebec. I turned to Body Mapping during my recovery from an injury sustained in the course of my work as a freelance orchestral musician, and soon realized it offered me something other modalities didn't.


With an emphasis on concrete and practical anatomical education, and guided by my individual curiosity and needs, Body Mapping empowered me to return to playing on my own terms. Whether you are dealing with an acute or persistent injury, or are experiencing technical limitations or plateaus you can't seem to overcome, I'm excited to help you discover the ways that Body Mapping can improve your experience as a musician and a person!

In the Fall of 2021 I entered McGill University's Master's program in Occupational Therapy. Following the completion of this program at the end of 2023, I will begin expanding my practice to eventually include Occupational Therapy services tailored to musicians of all types. Stay tuned for updates!

Get in Touch

Please get in touch if you are interested in Body Mapping lessons for yourself, your studio, or your institution. I’ll be happy to answer your questions via email or an introductory phone call.

I am currently teaching online via Zoom worldwide, and in person in Montréal.

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